Stevie Sharp And The Clean Cuts ‎- We Are The Mods NEW 7"

Stevie Sharp And The Clean Cuts ‎- We Are The Mods NEW 7"

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NEW 7"

Detour Records

Well here it is, the SEVENTH in the series of these very collectable '79 Classic Mod releases.

This one may split the scene but it will certainly get everyone talking about it as it is the ONE of the RAREST and HARDEST Mod Revival singles to track down as it is reported that ONLY 300 COPIES were ever pressed! It appears in many many WANTS lists from collectors around the world but it has also been dismissed as a NOVLETY single or as or a CASH IN single? Either way, we here at DETOUR RECORDS think it is a great release and proud of it to be part of our collectable series!

Over the years, collectors like myself have searched high and low for this band and no concrete information could ever be found. The little bit of information that we did have came from MICK WALKER of the CIRCLES. He once told us that back in 1979 his then manager telephoned him up one night and asked how the Mods chant went that took place on the seafront in the film QUADROPHENIA. So Mick sang "WE ARE THE MODS, WE ARE THE MODS" down the telephone line. Mick asked why he wanted to know and his manager said "I JUST GOT AN IDEA". Mick then never gave it another thought until we spoke about it back in 1999. Also, just a bit of trivia, after Mick left the Circles, Chris from the punk band THE VICTIMS then took over as the lead singer in the Circles to finish a tour that they had committed too..

Fast forward fifteen odd years from when I first started trying to find this band and then the info just dropped into my lap. Stevie Sharp was actually in a punk band called The Victims and appeared on our very own BORED TEENAGERS #8 compilation album as well as being on the front cover. This happened just by chance as I was talking to one of the ex members of The Victims and asked him if he knew another local Punk band called The Rowdies as the singer was Steve Sharp as I was looking to track them down regarding a single I wanted to re-issue. He said he didn't know the band but Stevie Sharp that I was looking for was in his band!

So there you go... Stevie Sharp And The Clean Cuts were a short lived band that were a trio of musicians from the Midlands and they DID EXIST!