Philosophic Collage - Self Titled NEW 7"

Philosophic Collage - Self Titled NEW 7"

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NEW 7"
BDR Records

According to the original St. Louis punk crowd, the Philosophic Collage and band leader Craig Kurtz (aka Timothy Tyme) were mildly difficult, if not completely off-putting. Their brand of abrasive music and Craig's "genius" schtick was too hard to take. When the band released this EP in 1981, most were confused by the four blasts of Art Punk/Midwestern No Wave, uh...if there really is such a thing as No Wave in the Midwest. It did impress Rough Trade enough to pick it up for distribution, even if the local response was less than enthusiastic.

The band only managed to play a handful of area gigs before nobody wanted to book them. They were far more successful in Chicago. Playing larger gigs to more receptive audiences and even signing on with a manager. Two cassettes were released after the EP, but it was all over by 1982 when Craig split the band up after an attempt to relocate to Chicago had failed.

BDR Records (the St.Louis-only division of Rerun Records) presents a deluxe reissue of this curiosity. 500 copies pressed on thick black vinyl. Housed in a heavy duty glue-pocket sleeve with a double-sided 14"x7" insert featuring vintage 'zine write-ups, ads and reviews, along with new liner notes by Craig Kurtz.