Paranoia - 1984 NEW LP

Paranoia - 1984 NEW LP

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In 1984, exactly in the year in which Orwell projected his seemingly utopian novel plot, the Dresden punk band PARANOIA released their first and only demo tape "Here we are for everyone who needs a cult band". Orwell's novel had long since found an oppressive reflection in reality in the former GDR. Relationships such as those described by Orwell half a century ago were the breeding ground for bands such as Namenlos, Schleimkeim or the PARANOIA founded in 1983, long before the era of the so-called "other bands". These groups radically transform their anger, dissatisfaction and hopeless message into rough and unpolished punk music with the same lyrics. Things were named uncompromisingly and uncompromisingly.

PARANOIA's short but turbulent band history includes a. Concerts at legendary point meetings, a performance in Budapest and their demo tape, which also attracted attention in western countries. "Big Brother" was not long in coming. Ordinary punishment for appearing without a license to play followed, and an operation by the Stasi, which led to the imprisonment of two band members in 1985, led to the "smashing of the illegal punk band paranoia". Some PARANOIA musicians then founded the band KALTFRONT, in whose repertoire a few PARANOIA songs have survived to this day.

As part of the opening of the exhibition "too much future - Punk in the GDR", which also showed the history of the band PARANOIA, its members and their circle of friends, a unique reunion of the band with the original cast will take place on August 17th, 2007. The friendly label collective MAJOR LABEL and RUNDLING took this exhibition as an opportunity to satisfy the never-ending demands for old paranoia songs. From the original tapes from the estate, the 17 best pieces were selected and mastered again.
These recordings will be released on August 14th. 2007 as LP and CD, of course in authentic but usable sound and is still not for high-tech cyberpunx. The album title "1984" deliberately connects the band's biography with Orwell's novel and unfortunately that makes more sense today than ever.

As is usual with MAJOR LABEL and RUNDLING, both editions come in the usual classy style with all texts. This concludes the PARANOIA chapter forever.