Military Shadow / Kuebiko - Split  NEW 7"

Military Shadow / Kuebiko - Split NEW 7"

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NEW 7"


Military Shadow play a perfected metalpunk style, with all the best elements of metal (eeeVVIiLLLL, edgyyyy, that riffing! those solos!) and many of the best elements of punk (fast, streamlined, exciting songwriting, conviction and attitude). But what sets this band apart from their peers is simply that they are better songwriters and riff-crafters than damn near anybody else. The basics will carry you a long way, a great song is a great song, and Military Shadow got tons of them.

This split sees Military Shadow leaning into a more "dark and evil hardcore" direction, a little more "raw and obscure", like Zouo or Ghoul. Their most raw and ephemeral work yet.

Kuebiko are a newer Boston band playing a very twisted and demented take on current hardcore ideas. This is their vinyl debut, a huge step forward from their 2021 demo tape.

Their side has the relentless charge and busy, exciting riffs that I look for, complete with a hint of reverb on the guitar tone and somewhat tripped out overdubbed leads. But it's the effected vocals that really clinch this for me, for the many bands that try and fail to sound this way, Kuebiko actually sound outsider and insane to me.