Elevators, The - A Sides B Sides NEW CD

Elevators, The - A Sides B Sides NEW CD

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Paisley Archive

Paisley Archive presents the Album…. “A SIDES B SIDES” by THE ELEVATORS.....

This could be the BEST Power Pop Album You have EVER HEARD!!!

All tracks recorded between 1978 and 1982 and features 16 Tracks of Glorious, 3 Minute, Straightforward, No Nonsense, Pop Songs with more Energy than an Offshore Wind Farm! 14 of Tracks have never been released before!!

“Your I’s are too Close Together” was previously released as a Single back in 1980 with “That’s My Baby” on the Flip side. Only 500 copies were ever pressed on the 'Koala label' via the highly collectable 'Ellie Jay' label and has been highly sought-after for nearly 40 years.

In 2005, after an extensive search, contact was made with the band and “Your I’s are too Close Together” was included on our compilation album “Bored Teenagers 4” on Bin Liner Records.

Sadly The Elevators never hit their full potential due to the fact that they were out of step so to speak... To Mod to be Punk and too Punk too be Mod. Never fitted in with either scene and sadly fell through the cracks.... Now 40 years on, perhaps DETOUR can put this injustice right?