Deuter - Robrege '84 NEW LP

Deuter - Robrege '84 NEW LP

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Warsaw Pact Records

Warsaw Pact Records is proud to present the first vinyl release in a series of live recordings of Punk / HC bands who performed onstage during the legendary Róbrege Festival in Warsaw in the 1980s.

The festival was organized between the years 1983 and 1990 (and then reactivated in 2013). At that time it was the most important event representing all kinds of alternative music in the Polish capital. As part of the festival, many great bands from the underground were represented. Skillfully combining reggae or new wave/cold wave bands with punk bands, the common denominator was authentic expression, essential content, and the idea of functioning outside the official cultural stream. Recordings of these bands were practically absent from state media or on the physical formats offered by state-owned labels. The festival became such an immediately popular event that after the first edition, which took place in the Hybrydy club in 1983, the next was already organized in the Intersalto tent. The norm at the time was that shows and festivals taking place all over the country featured bands who took part in competitions and were voted on by organizing committees and the audience. The Róbrege festival consciously broke this tradition. It defined its uniqueness in a number of ways. The Hybrydy club belonged to the University of Warsaw and it helped maintain the university’s autonomy and uniqueness as well, one aspect of which was the restriction of the militia's access to the club. In the era of control, censorship, repression, and a constant sense of civic restrictions on freedoms - this opened up a whole range of possibilities. This was a libertarian space featuring unfettered thought and free expression which helped people break free from the sad world of the Polish
People's Republic at the time, at least for a moment. Theoretically, no one controlled the message from the stage. In addition to Sławomir Rogowski, Aleksander Walczak and the entire team of the Hybrydy club, Robert Brylewski (BRYGADA KRYZYS, IZRAEL, ARMIA), Sławomir Gołaszewski (early IZRAEL, early ARMIA), and Paweł Rozwadowski "Kelner" were responsible for the Róbrege festival overall. The latter is obviously the driving force behind DEUTER. It is not accidental that as part of the Róbrege series, the recordings of this band are the first to be released - recorded in the Intersalto tent in September 1984. Besides Deuter, other punk bands who played that year include DEZERTER, SIEKIERA, PROWOKACJA and U-BOOT. The five-member line-up of the band worked tightly, with songs which were executed more aggressively and intensely, while still catchy and harmonic in their own right. There are manifestos and wild shouts from the stage. There is no mercy for the system. The message is brave and the expectations of the public are high, calling for "united and strong youth". This is definitely one of the most energetic recordings in the history of this band. After exactly 35 years from the date of this performance, these unique live recordings are now available to a wider audience.

The LP is filled with archival photos from the band's performance on Róbrege 1984, an introductory note by Kelner, along with lyrics, and a poster with a colorful photo by Jerzy Fedak. Mastering was done by Smok and Mario in Studio As One. One-time pressing of 527 copies.
Róbrege! Róbpank! - we are starting the HC / Punk series from the Róbrege festival!