Ama Dots - s/t NEW POST PUNK / GOTH LP

Ama Dots - s/t NEW POST PUNK / GOTH LP

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Formed in the late 70’s, Ama-dots pushed the Punk ethos to a decidedly irreverent, twisted and experimental sound. At times leaning into Pop (“Hit Girls”) and others decidedly angry and mean (“Strange Brute”) Ama-dots had a way of surprising the listener without being aimless or “weird-for-weird's sake”.

Releasing “Hit Girls” on their own Hunky Recs in 1980 the song became a battle cry, striking a chord with female Punk patrons. At this time Punk and anything close to feminist empowerment had only been uttered by The Raincoats and The Slits. The major reason most listeners heard of the later is that they were based out of London and, as much as Milwaukee had a vibrant Punk scene, it was not known as a musical mecca.

Touring extensively through the Midwest and the South they hit the legendary clubs in NYC before reaching into Canada. They opened for the likes of Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra, Gang Of Four, Talking Heads and several other diverse and noteworthy acts.

Striking a deal with Chicago’s Autistic Records they were produced by Iain Burgess, regarded as instrumental in shaping the Chicago Post-Punk sound with Big Black, Ministry, Effigies and more. Burgess brought the dark, aggressiveness out while not limiting the quirks, kinks and perverse sense of humor.

Autistic imploded and so sat their work with Burgess making the self released single highly sought after within collector circles.

This is the first time their work with Burgess as well as other local notables, including the late Dennis Flemion (The Frogs) has been publicly available. This limited edition is pressed on gold marbled vinyl and includes an 11” X 17” insert with rare photos and written accounts by writers, fans and critics including a first person account of a harrowing gig in Toronto.