Torpedoes - Black Museum NEW 2XLP

Torpedoes - Black Museum NEW 2XLP

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Bin Liner Records

Black Museum is a 17 track double vinyl album and free download
As with the Damned’s Black Album the first three sides are the core ‘concept’ while on side four Bin Liner bring you the band’s previous double A-side singles (each available on vinyl for the first time)
The band hail from Portsmouth, England and the music is post-punk. If you enjoy Bauhaus, The Cult, The Damned, Killing Joke, MSP, Nirvana, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Skids, SLF and punky darkness with tunes then give this a spin – you won’t be disappointed.
The songs on Black Museum cover themes about Europe (it’s people, its conflicts), Brexit and tellingly personal loss.

Side One features lead single Song For Europe (an exploration of Europe’s recent history), the gripping World War II monster of a song Gas Chamber, then back further to World War I with the standout White Feather and the side closes with In The Sky Razor’s remembrance of close friends, as well as about one of the fallen from the previous songs on this side.

Sides Two and Three explore the darkness at the heart of Europe. Land Of The Summer (“God don’t want you for a martyr” is a classic modern observation). Album closer This Is The End brings us to an end of sorts … where Europe is now?

As we say, Bin Liner has ensured that Side Four offers you each of their classic double A side singles (making sure this release is packed with quality), they still play many of these in their current live shows.

The album is special and the band are terrific live, we hope you will take a trip with us to the Black Museum.