Comp - SPIKE: A San Pedro Compilation NEW LP

Comp - SPIKE: A San Pedro Compilation NEW LP

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Water Under The Bridge Records

Regardless of the bombardment of coronavirus SPIKE announcements or the trumped-up pseudointellectual flim-flam of the times — let's take a virtual tour of the San Pedro music scene in the year of our lord (2020), shall we?

We'll start by strolling down Pacific Avenue where everyone appears to be so tuff. You often have to think fast and avoid the trenches. On your left, you'll see bands like: Toys That Kill, Rote and Co-Ed — our virtual welcoming party.

Let's hang a left and head towards Harbor Boulevard, but please don't drink the cool aid or fall into the ruse of the T.V. age — because you probably don’t want some of these folks down here knocking at your front door anytime soon. Let Ladyhump, Slaughterhouse and Tables Turned help keep you attentive.

As we approach Beacon Street, please don't pet the licorice cats, they're a feral group. Do enjoy the garden we built and wave goodbye to the coastline as we hitch up 22nd Street with the Alley Cats, Band Aparte and the Wrinking Brothers.

If you feel lost, say a prayer to St. Anthony. Heck, if you aren't from around here we can add you to page two of the amnesty report to keep you free and safe from some of the local numbskulls treading to and from the neighborhood speakeasies. If you’re lucky, our friends Terminal A, mike watt + the secondmissingmen and A Lovely Sort of Death will help you bypass the unsavory cretins lost among the cracks in the sidewalk.

As we swing a right along Shepard Street, throw a wave to one of our local Xicanistas, and don't tell me “I Don't Wanna,” because activism is good. Just because it's a long road and sometimes it takes you 2 forward and 1 back, it’s still progress. Just ask our friends Bombón, Jason Paul and the Know it Alls and Plan A.

Looks like we're on the last leg of our tour as we bounce our way back up Gaffey Street, home to those that work and wait and some that prefer or have to stay home in some cases. At least we got tunes from all of the aforementioned bands, including Clown Sounds and Stoner Cop to help distract us in these strange and unruly times.

This concludes our cursory virtual tour of active Pedro bands. Stay vigilant, stay safe and sound OFF!!!!