Psykisk Terror - Det Fantes Et Hap NEW LP

Psykisk Terror - Det Fantes Et Hap NEW LP

Cease Fire
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Cease Fire

Psykisk Terror formed after the demise of Sellanrå elementary school kid punkers Piggtråd in 1981. Nils Rudi (vocals) & Kjell Åke Røsok (guitar) recruited Thomas Fosseide (drums) and Arild Kleppe (bass) to the game. This era of the band recorded the songs featured on the “Raped Ass 2” (Ägg tapes) and “Then Moldepunx go Marching Out” compilations (Anathema/ Cease Fire!). Staying clear of releasing them over again on this vinyl release, we decided to concentrate on the later incarnations of the band 1984-1986. 

By 1984 the punk community in Molde had collapsed, and now consisted merely of Bannlyst, and their way underrated brother-band Psykisk Terror. Not only sharing one of Europe´s best hardcore drummers– they also shared a small, self made rehersal house complete with a studio control room. This was their daily hang out spot, with a tight crew of friends. The rehersal times now became completely unlimited and the dedication to hardcore punk music was strong. Learning how to use the console, they mixed some mindblowing live rehersals down to two- and four track tapes, 

Bannlyst´s contribution to the split cassette with Angor Wat (made available on Norwegian Leather´s “Discography”) as the best known. 

In contrast, Psykisk Terror would go pretty much under the radar, both as a live act and as recording artists. This mini-LP 

consists of Psykisk Terror´s material released on the “Noize of Norway” compilation tape (Den Onde Sirkel), “Nå Eller Aldri” compilation 7” (X-port Plater) & “Smelling Just Another Bad Breath” compilation LP (Double A). While digging up the material that recently became the Bannlyst “Mørk Tid” 7” (Norwegian Leather/Cease Fire!), three unreleased songs by Psykisk Terror recorded four days prior also appeared. The plans of releasing an PT 

anthology became definitive.

As with most of the bands on the “Moldepunx” compilation a remarkable collective loss of memory around these recordings– 

or even of their existence was the norm. Add their practice of not crediting anything– nor using photos on what they released– and it does not exactly help finding out much. It took a lot of time and effort to find out who was doing vocals on these sessions, and not before finally getting hold of Bjørn Tore Wisnes who was gutting out a few back up words on “Uskyldige Barn” and writing the lyrics to “Det Fantes et Håp”– we got enough bits and pieces of vague memory to get every constellation of the band right. 

All over this mini album is, it turns out– and not surprisingly: Børre Løvik (1965-2007). Controlling the mixing desk, on the mic (well that recording was a surprise!) and finishing off the last two cuts here on second guitar– everything adds to his strong 80´s hardcore legacy. 

By the time the 1986 recording was released, Børre and Finn Erik reunited with Bannlyst fellow Per Arne Haugen and formed So Much Hate in Oslo. Thomas was already in Kafka Prosess and Psykisk Terror was definitely over. 

Enjoy these desperate tones released on vinyl because they deserve it. Play dead loud! 

Mastered by Will Killingsworth / Dead Air Studios

Compilation research, digitizing, cover and booklet layout 

by Trond Sættem / Cease Fire!